The Top 10 Reasons to NOT Join the X-Men

— Number 10 —
The mutant ability to curdle cheese with your thoughts isn’t very helpful in combat.

— Number 9 —
According to the “Days of Futurepast,” you get beheaded by a Sentinel … so really, what’s the point?

— Number 8 —
Seems pretty likely that Cyclops will steal your girlfriend.

— Number 7 —
The Scarlet Witch keeps on looking at you funny.

— Number 6 —
Wolverine’s hair is always clogging the shower drain, and noobs get bathroom duties.

— Number 5 —
The good news: You once fought Rocket Racer.
The bad news: You lost.

— Number 4 —
Black and yellow just aren’t your colors. 

— Number 3 —
Currently impregnated by the Brood Queen.

— Number 2 —
Figure you’ll get more face time if you joined Alpha Flight.

… and the No. 1 Reason NOT to join the X-Men …
You think Magneto’s got a few good points.


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