Church Sketches IX — A Fine Collection of Supers

Oh, me oh my. It has been a long, long time, hasn’t it?
It’s not because I haven’t been blogging. I blog for work too, y’know. You don’t believe me? Well, check out my two other blogs:

  • Hurley to Rise — Where I try to figure out the Irish sport of Hurling. It’s kind of like lacrosse, baseball and hockey all rolled into one.
  • Pop Quiz, Hotshot! — This is an entertainment and pop-culture blog I share with some other folks. You can read my specific entries here.

I’ve also been posting stuff over on Deviant Art too. On that Web site, you can track my efforts to draw a comic strip called “Fight Circuit.”

The most heinous of my slacking off shows with my literal heap of Church Sketches that I have now. Here’s just the ones that are superhero related …

I don’t really have much to say about any of these guys. I’m sure at the time, I had completely planned out their powers, origins and personalities, but some of these date back to the summer of 2009, so I’ve forgotten them by this time.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!



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