Get your Inuit on for the Winter Olympics

By now, you know that CotB is a big fan of the British Press.
Whether it’s their love of celebrities, treating them like dirt or just being kind of cool, we pay attention to it because it’s just far more lively than The New York Times.

Here in America, the Winter Olympics are being broadcast by the de-Conan’d NBC.
For that network, the Olympics are yet another case of make-or-break for the number-crunchers.
So, especially with the crazy stuff about ex-Olympian Nancy Kerrigan’s family going on, you can bet that the Olympics aren’t exactly going to be chocked full of fun.

But for the BBC, that’s not necessarily the case.
They take their Olympics with a little bit of whimsy, just like they with their Beijing opening sequence.

Following a similiar pattern, the BBC has released its “Winter Olympics Trailer,” which you can see below:

CotB has to say this, we’d watch a full-length animated feature based on the Beijing or the Inuit cartoons.


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