Church Sketches VIII — Heroes and villains of the Blackout!

My folder of doodles is filling up again. This time I was thinking a lot about superheroes again, so here you go …

From the top right we have ….

  • A HURLER –– OK, so I’m not always thinking about comics. I’ve also been trying to learn the Irish sport of hurling. You can read more about my efforts here.
  • WINGED TERROR — He looks a little bit like Spawn purreed with the Falcon. You gotta love the wings and clawed feet!
  • ROCKET WOMAN — This lady has great hips. I just love ’em! Her hair’s kinda nice too. Too bad I forgot to finish her other hand.
  • BLACKOUT SKETCH 1 –– All the images here with the green background were drawn in a darkened stadium during a Joyce Meyer convention. They are very “fuzzy” looking because I was feathering a lot to catch the right lines. Not bad for not being able to see what I’m drawing. Anyway, this lady tosses around little explosive dart-grenades. Love the tiara.
  • BLACKOUT SKETCH 2 –– This shieldmaiden is inspired by Hiemdall, the Norse god and protector of the Rainbow Bridge.
  • ALIEN SWORDMASTER — He’s got four arms, and weird eyes. That’s alien enough, right?

And now for set two …

This group also features some “Blackout Sketches.” Again, from top right …

  • FALCON WOMAN — Some sort of superhero with a pet falcon or hawk. I do love bird-themed heroes, don’t I? Her face is too long though.
  • R-MAN — I made his symbol look like an “R.” Now I just have to figure out why!
  • BLACKOUT SKETCH 3 — I decided this guy should be German (or maybe Austrian, Swiss or Belgian) because he has a lace up collar. I figure he’d be a super-tough hero. Maybe name him after a famous forest or something. The Woodsman?
  • SHORT ALIEN — I just like the design on his suit.
  • BLACKOUT SKETCH 4 — I like this guy’s hair. His costume’s kind of sports-team looking.
  • PIG SHERIFF — I intentionally made his hands oversize to make him look intimidating.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!



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