Church Sketches VII — Calling all heroes

Yep, it’s that time again, time for more sketches from church.
This set is decidedly superhero themed.

In making up the back stories for these guys, I found myself being inspired on a global basis. I wanted these heroes to be non-Americans.
Starting from the top left:

  • A Japanese bat hero whom I’ve dubbed Kamakoumori, which means “divine bat.”
  • My favorite of the bunch is an electric eel-themed hero. I would probably make him a South American hero. I’m really proud of my rendering here. (!)
  • The teen girl is a karate expert who’s fueled by magic rings.
  • Beginning the next row is Goldeagle, a hero I’ve decided will be from the Mediterranean area.
  • A mug shot of some thug.
  • Below him is a guy I call Oscuro Pollila, the Mexican hero that translates into “The Dark Moth.”
  • Standing beside him is a hero from Argentina. No name. No powers. … Yet.
  • Along the bottom row is another unnamed hero. He has a patriotic look to him, but the stars could be switched to shields or other emblems so he doesn’t look so American.
  • I liked my very simple design for the patriot-who-is-not-a-patriot character so much, I redrew a face. The cleanliness of his costume really appealed to me.
  • Lastly, is another unnamed hero. I liked his design because it has a very non-American look to his clothes. I would probably make him an African hero, though any tropical-based locale would work.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!




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