Relocating the Marvel Universe — Part 29 — Connecticut

It’s the former home to America’s team, the Hartford Whalers. Yes, I’m talking about …


HARTFORD (Vision, Scarlet Witch, Cardiac)

Without a doubt, Connecticut’s premiere heroes were always the Vision and Scarlet Witch, who mad

e their home-away-from-the-mansion in Hartford. While the couple was only a sometime fixture in the city, they were still often called upon to help the city. With Scarlet Witch’s recent troubles, and the Vision’s recent changes, only the Vision is spotted on occasion. (An aside: When the Scarlet Witch’s powers were fully realized by the public, she was often used as a scapegoat by the American insurance industry — her “hometown” folks — and many insurance premium in the U.S. have a “Witch Claus” that says that if the Scarlet Witch had reported activity within 100 miles of the claim, it can be denied.)
Notes: I think it was actually established that Scarlet Witch and Vision settled in New Jersey, but I couldn’t resist the insurance connection.

With Scarlet Witch and Vision’s infrequent appearances in Hartford growing even more infrequent over the years, a new superhero slowly staked out the city: Cardiac. Not exactly a nice guy, Cardiac is a fairly violent vigilante, and the streets of Hartford have grown increasingly safe for the average citizen. The habitual criminals, mobsters and swindlers (which includes many of the city’s upper crust), however, have taken an intense dislike to the hero and actively set traps to catch, kill or cripple him.
Notes: In my opinion, Cardiac is one of the few 1990s hero/villians that are actually kind of cool. He isn’t much of a concept, but his mask, “zig-zag” costume emblems and his use of a pole staff make him a little more memorable than most. (See his image below)
Also, Cardiac fans, take a look at this Web site!


Turbo serves mostly as Connecticut’s coastal guardian, often helping ships and planes in distress over the Atlantic. When not responding to such trouble, she patrols a wide stretch of the state — from Stamford to New London and bases herself in New Haven. Turbo was also a member of the New Warriors for a time. During this era, she provided a duplicate of her costume to her brother, who took up her patrols.
Notes: Turbo is one of the characters used infrequently in Runaways, a great comic book. In that book, she has been attempting to give up her superheroing life with little success. That still fits pretty good with this idea.

SPRINGDALE (Speedball)

One of the suburbs of Stamford is Springdale (that’s actually true, it’s not a made-up city), which is the home of Speedball. Though the city is small, Speedball’s adventures there were well publicized, and he was often characterized as a nuisance. Eventually, he gained a level of respectiblity as a New Warrior in Florida, but he returned frequently to his hometown, where his exploits have slowly changed the public’s opinion of him.

Notes: Please remember that in MY Marvel Universe, the “Civil War” hasn’t happened and he hasn’t changed into Penance.

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Need a good explanation of just what I’m doing? Then visit the first entry, which offers a look behind for my initial idea for this series.


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