Relocating the Marvel Universe — Part 28 — Rhode Island

Well, this one’s an easy one since it’s such as small state to begin with.


PROVIDENCE (Blue Shield)

Realizing that he could never join a regular police force given his previous felonies, the man known as Blue Shield decided he’d do the next best thing with his powers of invulnerablity. He’d secretly serve as the guardian to police forces around the nation. Based in Providence, he’s often helps in situations where cops place their lives in danger — standoffs, hostage situations, and when the police are heavily outgunned. Of course Providence isn’t exactly a hotbed of such activity, but he uses that city as his home base and patrols it regularly. When a truly touchy situation erupts anywhere in the country (think of events such as Waco), he’s often quickly contacted for his assistance. In particular, he focuses on hostage extraction, disabling firearms and protecting law enforcement individuals.
Notes: Where Captain America is an Army man, consider Blue Shield the guy who walks the Thin Blue Line. He could even have a slight costume redesign to give him a tactical vest and specialize in the use of a baton and shield.


Down south in Warwick is the home to Husk, the mutant sister of Cannonball and one-time girlfriend to Archangel. Preferring to leave the X-Men to establish her own identity, she settled in Warwick, R.I., where she’s served the city and state in times of crisis. But why Warwick of all places? Because she’s opted to begin college there, and is currently studying to be a paramedic, and hopes to advance her studies in Emergency Medicine in hopes of serving as a battlefield medic for superhumans in general, and the X-Men in particular.
Notes: Husk is often a paramedic to her fellow mutants in the real comics, so this is just an extension of her current character path. Here’s a whole fansite dedicated to Husk.

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Need a good explanation of just what I’m doing? Then visit the first entry, which offers a look behind for my initial idea for this series.


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