Pop culture really pops at Geppi’s

Originally published on 7/27/2009

I chalk it up to jealousy. Jealousy most foul of the thousands of people who got to go to Comic-Con, the world’s biggest pop-culture convention. There movie stars mingle with the masses. Comic artists whip out masterpieces, and collectors squeeze out every last dime of their 401ks for their own personal holy grail.

With all the nerd-news flowing from San Diego, I just had to find a way to get my geek on by proxy. Most importantly, I had to do it on a budget. With that in mind, I zipped down I-83 to Baltimore, where I spent a few hours at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, a world of wonders for anyone with a love of pop culture.

Located right next to the Orioles’ Camden Park and one floor above a sports museum, Geppi’s houses a wide variety of entertainment memorabilia from the late 1800s to today, though it primarily features toys, comics, movie and television collectibles. For some, that might seem a little silly, but instead it’s an experience that honors the artists and craftsmen who have worked in the most commercial of all industries: Merchandising.

It’s that aspect that makes Geppi’s kid friendly and intellectual at the same time because the museum offers unique historical context on the things we loved back then and how they’ve grown into the things we reminisce about today.
Beyond that, Geppi’s is an experience that’s hard to describe, so instead, I offer you the slide show above.
While it may be hard to describe, I can tell you this: Go.


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