Church Sketches VI — Catching up

It’s been a while since I offered a Church Sketches package, so here’s a massive catchup. Initially, this series was my doodles in church, but it’s also expanded to anytime I’m just sketching on scrap paper.
As usual, I’ve cleaned up the image as best as I can, but each may have a few stray letters from the paper’s “original purpose” here and there.

From the top left:

  • Tiger-striped griffin — He looked pretty boring until I added the tiger stripes. Everything looks cooler in tiger stripes, don’t they?
  • Travolta –– Somehow, this guy reminds me of John Travolta. I think it’s the chin.
  • Downward Spirals Captain — No. 48 is the captain of the opossum squad.
  • Frankenstein (No.1) — Frankenstein in a bowling shirt. I like it!
  • Lion — This lion can out-stare a statue.
  • Frankenstein (No. 2) — Just a strange way to illustrate and thought it was worth posting.
  • Blessing Bot — The churches of the future will use robots as ushers, won’t they?

Again, from the left:

  • The Hairy Co-Pilot — Thanks to Star Wars, we all know that outer space co-pilots are hairy giants.
  • Firebat — I call this guy Firebat. He’s an assassin that wears red, yellow and orange. No he’s not subtle at all.
  • Kersaw — Another hairy co-pilot. Geez, where do these guys all come from?
  • Sirius and the StarDog — (Colored by my little one) Sirius is the girl with superpowers. Those powers are granted by her dog from outer space.
  • Player 1 — I wouldn’t mind redrawing this to make it really focus on the Band-Aid. Then I’d call it “Hockey Tape.”
  • Player 2 — Random hockey player.

  • Cheetah — Mama cheetah looks so nice, doesn’t she?
  • Centurion — I really like this one. It took me most of the sermon to complete.
  • Trollface –– This reminds me of the “limbo demon” that always fought with Magik of New Mutants fame. I can’t remember his name.
  • Saint Sloth — Just a gross looking portrait made even more unsettling with the addition of horns.
  • Polar Bear –– He’s out for a swim, looking for an iceberg.
  • Wolfer — A Universal Monsters-style werewolf.
  • Pirate — He’s a mixed up ghost. So mixed up that his logo got turned upside down.
  • Guardian Chihuahua –– The most feared guard dog of them all: The Mexican Hairless!
  • Bluff Nut –– This squirrel plays hockey. You got a problem with that?
  • Sub-Gillman — Another Universal Monsters-insipired drawing. I like the head riddges!
  • German Owl — All this guy needs is some lederhosen and he’d be perfect. Still, I love his fight stance vs. his ridiculous outfit. This is my favorite drawing of the batch.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!


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