NYC and CIBT 8: Irredeemable, Booster Gold, Supergirl, Teen Titans, Fin Fang 4 Return, Chickenhare, The Fog

In an effort to cover the comics I actually bought today, I’m going to skip past that big box that’s lingering by my computer.
This entry will cover my trip to the shop today and my brief visit to a comic shop on Free Comic Book Day.

Chickenhare: The House of Klaus  Rescued from the bargain bin, this cool looking black & white trade paperback focuses on the life of a bird-like rabbit. Or is that a rabbit-like bird? Hmmm. I’ll let you know once I read it. This one is marketed as a funny, all ages book, and that’s my favorite kind of indy book. Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

The Fog — In my previous visits to Comix Connection, I had thumbed through this, but didn’t get it. It may  or may not have went down in price since then, but bargain-binned at $2, I finally decided to cough up the dough. This little graphic novel offers a neat hook: Sailors flee Shanghai from a deadly fog, but it follows them to the shores of America. Set around the Civil War era, it seems like a unique enough tale.  Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Irredeemable No. 2 — Boom! Studios intrgued me enough with No. 1, though I wasn’t completely blown away. I figured I’ll stick with this for a few more issues. Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Booster Gold No. 20 — Gosh, is this all I do is buy Booster Gold? I’m still several issues behind on this, and still wondering if it’s worth it. Buying out of habit is a dangerous thing for the wallet, you know! Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Supergirl No. 39 and No. 40 — I had always meant to start buying the “Who is Superwoman?” storyline from the beginning. Why? Because I really like Superwoman’s costume. It’s just really cool looking to me. I accidentally saw the answer to the storyline’s title though. Doesn’t make much of a difference to me since I’m not an avid Superman/Superman Family fan. I will have to go track down issues 37 and 28 before I read these though. Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Teen Titans No. 70 — Hmmm. This issue lists Sean McKeever as the scripter here. Maybe rumors aren’t exactly accurate about his forced extraction from the book. Anyway, it’s good to see Miss Martian back in action. Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Fin Fang 4 Return! Another goofy title from Marvel. Yep, I enjoy their light-hearted fare a lot more than their serious stuff. I don’t have any clue about the first appearance of the Fin Fang 4, but it looked kooky enough for me to try it sight unseen. Purchased at Comix Connection West Manchester Mall.

Okay, so that’s what I bought TODAY, now let’s take a quick look at my Free Comic Book Day purchases .

Coincidentally enough I was in New York City on Free Comic Book Day. It was my first time ever being there, and more than anything, I was just impressed by the “sea of buildings” that comprise the city and its greater metropolitan area. As any comic fan who first visits the Big Apple, I was finally beginning to understand some of the common cliches of NYC in superhero comics.

  • Yes, I could see how a supervillain might find some out-of-the-way warehouse to set up a lab.
  • Yes, I could see how easy it would be for someone to slip away, don a costume and come out fighting.
  • Yes, I could imagine a battle across the rooftops.
  • Yes, I could imagine villains and monsters lurking in the subways.
  • Yes, I could see how all those heroes and villains would call it home (but don’t worry, I’m still working on my Relocating the Marvel Universe series!)

Anyway, because of all the touristy stuff me and the family did, I didn’t get to Midtown Comics until after 6 p.m. Also because of the number of people with me, I didn’t want to linger too long, so I snapped up just two things:

Jack of Hearts by Bowen Designs — Midtown Comics was selling all its statues at 35% off. Normally, I don’t buy statues (including the Jack of Hearts statue, I now have just one statue), but I had seen a picture of this one, and really loved it. I’m a huge Jack of Hearts fan, and he’d be one of the first characters I would bring back from the dead if I were ever writing for Marvel. This statue puts him in his classic costume and really demonstrates just how interesting looking he is. Gaudy, yes, but also very interesting. The paint job is quite nice, with metallic reds, blacks and yellows. I wish the details on his “black out face” were more intricate, but other than that, I like it!

Free Comic Book Day Avengers — This was the only free title Midtown had left by that time of day on Free Comic Book Day. I read about half the book and then played a video game. Several days later, I’m not particularly compelled to return to it. Oh well.


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