CIBT 6 — Incredibles, Booster Gold, The Amazon, Power Lords, Buck Rogers, Team America, Mars, Buck Rogers, Crystar

The Incredibles No. 1 — I can’t believe it’s taken this long for any sort of regular “The Incredibles” comic. This should have been to issue no. 40 by now. Inside, its a line-art book, not computer rendering. That doesn’t particularly matter to me, but it might bother some of the kids that this title is aimed at. Purchased at Comic Store West.
Booster Gold No. 18  — I lamented about Booster Gold last time, but I’m still in it for a little longer. Plus it had the Blue Beetle scarab on the cover. Purchased at Comic Store West.
The Amazon No. 1 of 3 — I’ve always loved jungle-based movies, so this intrigued me. Having Tim Sale art doesn’t hurt its chances either! I really have no idea what it’s about, but the art is worth the admission price. Purchased at Comic Store West.
Power Lords No. 2 of 3 (1984) — Another toy-line based comic? Sure, why not. Scavenged from the 3-for-a-buck bin.  Purchased at Comic Store West.
Team America No. 1 (1982) — Ahh, Team America! Where would the Marvel Universe be without it? OK, so this isn’t exactly a pivotal MU comic, but curiosity got the better of me. Just what could this possibly be about? Scavenged from the 3-for-a-buck bin. Purchased at Comic Store West.
Mars No. 9 (1984) — From First Comics, I picked this up out of the 3-for-a-buck bin. The interior art isn’t so great, but it seems like a strange enough book that I wanted to explore it a bit. I see that IDW offers a reprint collection of it. After reading it, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind reading more of it. Purchased at Comic Store West.
Buck Rogers 2, 3, 5, 6, 14, 16 (1979-1980) — Thanks to the TSR role-playing game, I have retroactively become a fan of Buck Rogers in all his forms. I’ve been slowly picking up the Whitman comics that are based on the 1979 TV series. This batch was too good to pass on. Purchased on eBay.
The Saga of Crystar Coloring Book (1983)Here’s a little odd book I found on eBay. It’s not a comic, it’s a coloring book featuring one of my favorite “stand-alone” comic series: The Saga of Crystar. What’s neat to me about Crystar is that it was a concept created by Marvel to be a toy line. To help bolster their toys, they provided some neat publications like this one. Purchased on eBay.
The Saga of Crystar Activity Book (1983) — This book came packaged with the one above. What’s interesting about this is that the cover features Crystar, his enemies and a dragon working on a puzzle together. Yes, I am entertained in very strange ways. Purchased on eBay.
Essential Defenders Vol. 2 — Some how, I got to be a big fan of the Defenders. That led to me picking up the phonebook-sized Essential Defenders Vol. 1. I enjoyed it for its old-school charm, and have been told that this series gets better in the issues this volume collects. One of the expected highlights in this volume is greater usage of Valkyrie, a long-time favorite of mine. Purchased on eBay.


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20 Comments on CIBT 6 — Incredibles, Booster Gold, The Amazon, Power Lords, Buck Rogers, Team America, Mars, Buck Rogers, Crystar

  1. I got Amazon #1 as well. I echo your thoughts. Looks great, but I am not sure what it is about yet.I got almost (or I did get the whole run of Team America, geez over 20 years ago from 20 cent boxes. I liked everything then, but I thought it was pretty bad.

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