CIBT 4 — Amelia Rules!, Electric Girl, G.I. Joe Origins, Teen Titans, Take a Chance, Fire & Brimstone, Land of Oz, Blue Beetle

Okay, even though this is a new feature, I’ve already fallen behind. Here’s a mega wrap-up of comics and other stuff I bought in the last few weeks! As usual, click the title for a link to the publisher Web site.

Amelia Rules! The Whole World’s Crazy and Amelia Rules! Superheroes — Artist Jimmy Gownley is a regular fixture at Harrisburg-area comic book events, and I’ve always heard good things about this book, especially that Amelia Rules! is kid friendly, fun and well written. Today I was up in Harrisburg’s Whitaker Center, a science museum, to see an IMAX show on “The Forces of Nature.” In the center’s gift shop was several hardcover editions of Amelia Rules! — and best of all, they were all marked down to $5! I couldn’t pass that deal up! Purchased at The Whitaker Center.

Electric Girl Volume 2 and Volume 3 — Bought these at the same gift shop as the “Amelia” books. These were both $4 each — the same cost as some of the brand new comics further down the list for four-times the story! What’s better is that I’m already familliar with Electric Girl, having first met the writer at the Pittsburgh Comicon many years back. On that encounter I bought Electric Girl Volume 1 and a T-shirt for the wife. Who would have thought I’d come across these “on the cheap” so many years later? Purchased at The Whitaker Center.

G.I. Joe Origins No. 1 — Ah yes, ANOTHER G.I. Joe book. I had to at least try this out since its drawn by local comic book artiste Mike Hawthorne. I was particularly intrigued that it looks like Mike didn’t ink his own work. For some artists, that can be a big help in improving the finished look. I haven’t studied this book much, but it certainly is a very different look for Mike. Plus, it’s G.I. Joe!  Purchased at Comic Store West.

Teen Titans No. 66, 67 and 68 — Whew! How’d I fall so far behind on this book? Beats me, but I have enjoyed it immensely for the past year. Sean McKeever got a lot of flack for his actions against the surprisingly cool DCU versions of Wendy and Marvin. I didn’t like it either, but I have enjoyed the story. However, I am not collecting Terror Titans or Titans. I just like the teen heroes. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Take A Chance No. 1 — I saw this and thought it looked kind of neat. Then I also noticed that it was a Dabel Brothers comic, a company that I have absolutely no experience with. I made that my impulse purchase of the week. The title appears to be about a female vigilante akin to DC’s Manhunter. Is that true? Purchased at Comic Store West.

Fire & Brimstone No. 2 — I bought the first issue of Fire & Brimstone around Christmas. It was enjoyable, and I totally dig Richard Moore’s art. Still, at $3.95 it’s a little much for my budget to commit to it as a regular purchase. I’d just as well buy a cheaper black and white version if it was offered. I will only pick this up sporadically and try to catch up on it when I can. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Land of Oz — The Manga: Return to the Emerald City No. 3 — Continuing to pick this up because the little one enjoys me reading it aloud. The art is fantastic too. Great kids’ book. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Blue Beetle No. 36 — The last issue of what turned out to be a great book. At least Jaime lives on in the Teen Titans and the “Brave and the Bold” cartoon. Could this title’s demise signal a return of Ted Kord?  Purchased at Comic Store West.

Doc Savage No. 23: The Fantastic Island & Danger Lies East — I’m a big pulp magazine fan, and I have yet to read a Doc Savage tale, so I finally broke down and got this one. I’ve read a few chapters so far and I’ve enjoyed the action despite some clunky passages here and there. (This isn’t really a comic by the way.) Purchased at Comix Connection.

Cowboys & Aliens Vol. 1— It was marked down to a buck for a full softcover of stories. I figured I could manage that. The art seemed kind of mediocre, but the topic was far to intriguing to let that get in my way. Purchased at Comix Connection.



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