CIBT 3 — G.I. Joe, Marvel TV: Galactus, Booster Gold, Green Arrow & Black Canary, DC Super Friends

My regular trip to the comic store came in the middle of a busy week. That might be the reason why I made just one impulse buy. Since I was so busy, I only stopped at one place, Comic Store West.

G.I. Joe No. 2 — I’m still not sure I should be paying $4 for this — or any comic — but I am a bit of a JoeHead, so for now this is still OK. I’m horribly disappointed by the recent round of cover-price boosts through all the major companies. Anyway, I dug through the racks and got the nice Adam Hughes Baroness cover, seen at right.

Marvel TV — Galactus: The Real Story — Here’s my impulse purchase of the week. I hadn’t caught wind of this coming out, but it looked like an interesting take on the Galactus story. I don’t even know if it’s funny or serious, though I would bet funny from some of the interior art. It also includes a reprint portion of one of the earliest Galactus stories in Fantastic Four No. 50. I would have liked to see that reprint issue recolored though. The colors are too harsh for the paper quality.

 Booster Gold No. 17 — Since it took me so long to write this post, I’ve had an opportunity to read this issue. As with the rest of the series, it’s always an intriguing read. I can’t say I’m particularly bowled over with it, and I’m a little concerned that its meta-plot is starting to lose steam. Sure, it’s nice to see Booster finally doing something, but his required obscurity makes it kind of sad too, and not in a terribly compelling way. At some point, Booster needs an opportunity to majorly shine, even if it’s just to the readers. I can’t say I’ve seen that yet through the entire series.

Green Arrow & Black Canary No. 17 — I picked up the last issue  of this title because it had Merlyn in it. The story also featured the intro to a new villain as well. Her debut intrigued me enough to try this issue as well. (By the way, is her codename Cupid? That would be interesting.) I don’t expect to stick around on this title much longer, mostly because I’ve never been terribly intrigued by the current Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship. Still, it might be a title that I dip into now and again, especially if it keeps the villain mix interesting.

DC Super Friends No. 12 — Another great title for little ones. I usually read these to my little ones for bedtime stories. This comic should be especially neat because it includes the debut of the kid-friendly version of Starro, the giant malevolent starfish. The book usually also features some neat puzzles or activities, which have proved to be a quality distraction.



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