Relocating the Marvel Universe — Part 17 — Wisconsin

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Until recently, the entirety of Wisconsin was under the supervision of Quasar, a galactic guardian who used special powerbands to fight crime, ward off alien invasions and avert galactic disasters. During the peak of his activity, he was the sole recognizable hero for Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Quasar was killed in recent events surrounding a galactic war. His death sent the entire state into mourning, and allowed other Wisconsin heroes to finally shine.
Notes: If you haven’t ever given the Quasar series by Mark Gruenwald a try, you are in for a treat. Great stuff. While I was dismayed with Quasar’s recent passing, I’m sure his comic will always be fondly remembered. It was so good, that I never felt the need to read more stories. I had felt as if the story was finished.


With a checkered past, Eric Josten a.k.a Atlas, has worked for years to rebuild his reputation, only to struggle with self-confidence and second-guessing his decision to become a hero. After a lengthy stint with the Thunderbolts, Josten returned to Wisconsin, where he works in Madison to keep the peace throughout the entire state. As the state’s official superhero, Josten is fully deputized by the governor, and is always ready to lend a hand — whether it be flooding in the farm country, an alien in Appleton or a maniacal mutant in Milwaulkee. Still, Josten can’t help but feel his return to Wisconsin was a step backward from his high-flying days on the Thunderbolts, and he knows if he ever got offered a spot back on the team — or even better: The Avengers, he’d ditch Wisconsin in a minute. Unfortunately, it’s that backpedaling, wannabe attitude that keeps Josten down, no matter if he’s a superhero or a supervillain.
Notes: Josten has always struggled with the need to be the big man. Even as Atlas, he’s never been as important as he felt he should be. Making him the state hero of Wisconsin kind of contributes both. Sure, he’s the top guy of Wisconsin, but then again, it’s only Wisconsin.

MILWAUKEE (Great Lakes Avengers)

With the death of Quasar, no group has gained more than the Great Lakes Avengers. The team, which consists of Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, Doorman and Squirrel Girl (who lives out of state, but attends GLA meetings and events), went from having six members in their fan club (themselves) to twenty-six. Yes, it was a great day when the team visited Mr. Affabee’s third grade class and recruited them into the club. Sadly, they lost two club members (Jeffery Varnes and Nicole Grisby) when the two kids found out that Flatman wasn’t Mr. Fantastic. Despite the momentary defeat, the team soldiers on, patrolling the city and greater metro area for any wrong-doers. Surprisingly, there have been very few, but Mr. Immortal has memorized the locations of the 139 Starbucks cafes within 20 miles, so that’s got to count for something. The team meets on a weekly basis at the penthouse headquarters (with a view that overlooks a “really cool” brewery) provided by Big Bertha.
Notes: The main members of the GLA were introduced in the pages of Avengers West Coast, and have been a backwoods joke since then. The thing is, the idea of the GLA is the very reason I’m doing this project: I wanted to prove that the characters of the Marvel Universe can make sense away from New York City. Even a “backwoods” area like Milwaukee can hold a super team, so why can’t the rest of the country. Nuff said!

GREEN BAY/ANTIGO (Seyfert & Sentinel)

The reprogrammed Sentinel robot and his operator Juston Seyfert reside in a junkyard in Antigo, but frequently spend time in Green Bay. Operating with great stealth — or at least all the stealth possible for a giant robot — the two have thwarted numerous conspiracies, captured criminals and demonstrated a strong sense of social justice in both cities. With each success, Seyfert has grown more and more bold in his efforts, and one day he’ll prove the rumors of a “giant armored robot do-gooder” to be true. But right now, he doesn’t want to risk the exposure. Not until he’s 18, at least.
Notes: Writer Sean McKeever produced at least two heroes for Wisconsin, Seyfert and Gravity. Naturally, I couldn’t move them away.


After returning from a series of galactic battles, Gravity came home to Sheboygan where it seems that he’s poised to be Wisconsin’s next great hero. With his immense power to manipulate gravity, the hero has proven himself to many of Earth’s heroes, even if he’s still relatively unknown to the public. Still, beyond all the other Wisconsin heroes — and perhaps beyond many in the entire country — Gravity has the passion, the presence and the power to rival any of the more well-known heroes. Give him time, and Gravity will set a brand-new benchmark. But why is he sticking with the tiny town of Sheboygan? Well, just like any great hero, it’s not just the man, but the people who stand behind the man. And if his family is in Sheboygan, then that’s where Gravity is staying. And is it a coincidence that a lot of strange things have been happening in that little burg? Hmmm. Only time will tell.
Notes: According to a Newsarama interview, Gravity is in fact the leader of The Heavy Hitters, Nevada’s Initiative team with Hardball, Nonstop and Telemetry. Aren’t the Heavy Hitters an old Malibu comics title?

What’s “Relocating the Marvel Universe,” anyway? Well, check out the series hub, which includes a complete list of states, here.


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