CIBT 1 — El Diablo, Blue Beetle, Dragon Prince, Hellcat & Dennis the Menace

Welcome to a new “blog category” here at Comics on the Brain: COMICS I BOUGHT TODAY!
In every edition of CIBT, I’ll offer you a look at funny books that I bought on a particular day,  why I bought them, and where I bought them. Purchases can be in any form — from pamphlet to trade to back issue. Place of purchase? Well, that can include comic stores, book stores, supermarkets, the Internet or an old-fashioned yard sale!

El Diablo No. 6 (2009) — I’ve been greatly enjoying this series. I know it hasn’t sold well, but it should have. It’s a gritty story that’s accented with Phil Hester’s awesome art. Additionally, I love the new El Diablo’s costume! (By the way, I hate how DC doesn’t offer cover scans with all the trade dress. I need logos, man!) Purchased at Comic Store West.

Blue Beetle No. 35 (March 2009) — Getting this out of habit. I should have picked it up last week, but I was out of money. The series is ending soon, but I want to get the complete run. Never did get the all-Spanish issue though. It’s a real shame that this title got canceled. It was really picking up lately. Truly a fun book. I think the next issue is the last. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Dragon Prince No. 1 (Sept. 2008) — Just picked this up because it looked kind of neat. Actually, the most recent issue, No. 6, I think, looked nice. But I figured I’d just start at the beginning and see if I liked it. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Patsy Walker Hellcat No. 3
(Nov. 2008) — Really on the fence about this one, but seeing that No. 4 had finally arrived I caved in and got this one too. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Patsy Walker Hellcat No. 4 (Jan. 2009) — Same as above. I liked some of the interior art and was particularly intrigued by the girl inside that looked like the girl from Gen 13. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Land of Oz — The Manga: Return to Emerald City No. 2 (Dec 08) — My little one and I have been enjoying this title immensely. My only complaint is that Antarctic Press should tailor its house ads to this title. I don’t want my child staring at butt-cracks and boobs when looking through a kids book. Purchased at Comic Store West.

Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis the Menace 1951-1952Yeah, this is a little bit of a strange purchase, but I love comics enough to buy just about any cheap collection I can find. This was plenty cheap and should be somewhat funny. Granted, I wouldn’t buy just any collection. You could threaten to cut off a thumb unless I bought a Family Circus collection, and sure enough, I’d be minus one thumb. But Dennis the Menace? Sure I’ll give him a try, especially since this was about 80% off of cover price. My only complaint? It’s a squat little book that will be a royal pain in the butt to shelve. Purchased at Christmas Tree Shops.

So, what comics did you buy today?
What was I sucker for ignoring?


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