Get in the scene with G.I. Joe vs. Cobra

Lately, I’ve been hanging around at, where I’ve been checking out all the new G.I. Joe merchandise coming out and waxing nostalgic about all the old stuff. I’ve collected Joe toys for about a decade now, but I never really collected it when it came out. Still, I’ve been able to accumulate quite a bit, thanks to my efforts at yard sales, flea markets and the ever-present eBay.
Recently at YoJoe, someone pointed out some amazing diorama work from a guy in Australia, and boy is it great! Check it out here.
It inspired me to give it a try myself.
Sure, it’s not as good as that guy, but fun enough!
Here’s the story …

Cobra agents get the word: Wild Weasel and his Rattler are down. He needs emergency repairs.

Loading up a Stinger, the squad sets out.

They catch up with him shortly, and as a back up, a team of technicians prepare some C.L.A.W.S. gliders.

Wild Weasel then transmits some important data to a Tele-Viper.

From there the technical crew scours the Rattler, searching for the bug that brought Wild Weasel down.

What happens next?
Tune in … uh … some other time when I’ve got a few hours to spare!

OK, so it’s not as awesome as that other guy, but it was kinda fun!


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