He-Man and the bitch-slapping of Stinkor

You know it’s going to be a good mini-comic when it starts out with a thorough bitch-slapping of the stinkiest villain of them all.  That’s just what happens in “Hordak — The Ruthless Leader’s Revenge!” as the leader of the Evil Horde decides its time to take back Eternia for himself.
Setting his plan in motion, Hordak sends Grizzlor across a dimensional gate to retrieve one of Skeletor’s minions.

Grizzlor comes back with Stinkor in tow, much to his companions’ revulsion. After being thrown around a bit, Stinkor gets the message and reports back to Skeletor. (Now if you were a kid back in the 1980s unlucky enough to have Stinkor in your line-up, he was always the first to go. Who wants to even play-fight with a stinky monster. How much fun is it to have Man-At-Arms puking his guts out?)
Anyway, Skeletor agrees to meet with Hordak, and the two archrivals form an alliance to attack Castle Greyskull.
With that, the two forces launch their master plan and He-Man’s forces do their best to repell them.
And it’s this battle that makes this He-Man minicomic, originally packed with Hordak, so interesting. Why? Because it brings together an impressive 21 characters together in one 13-page comic, which makes it the most populous of all the minicomics as far as I can tell.
So who all show’s up? Here’s your attendance list:

  1. Evil-Lyn
  2. Fisto
  3. Grizzlor
  4. He-Man
  5. Hordak
  6. Jitsu
  7. Kobra Khan
  8. Leech
  9. Man-At-Arms
  10. Man-E-Faces
  11. Mantenna
  12. Orko
  13. Ram Man
  14. Roboto
  15. Skeletor
  16. Spikor
  17. Stinkor
  18. Sy-Klone
  19. Teela
  20. Triclops
  21. Whiplash

And through it all, every character gets a chance to shine. Jitsu whacks Leech. Sy-Kone nearly wrecks the Spydor vehicle. He-Man creates an earthquake. Even Orko gets to learn a valuable lesson.

But Stinkor? He just gets a bitch-slapping.

Here’s what He-Man.org had to say about this Masters of the Universe mini-comic:
ordak and Skeletor’s cronies team up to capture Grayskull. He-Man and crew go to protect the castle, but Hordak betrays Skeletor and the two forces begin to fight amongst themselves. The heroes are dumbfounded. Finally, He-Man uses his sword to split a rift between the two, and they both end up leaving in anger.


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