Dive into G.I. Joe with Amberjack

One of my (many) favorite things to do is to come up with new characters. Mostly, I love creating superheroes, in fact I’ve got a loose-leaf binder jam-packed with about 100 characters I’ve created. Someday, I might even show them to you.
But my mind isn’t all about superheroes. I’m also a big G.I. Joe fan. Part of this is because of the sheer number of characters in the franchise and part of it is because of their “file cards.”
See, each G.I. Joe action figure comes with his or her own file card that gives a basic description of their skills, lifestyle and personality. I’d hazard a guess that these file cards are one of the reasons the franchise has been so successful: It’s because everyone can find some Joe or Cobra character to latch on to.
Being the creative type, I’m not satisfied with such limited options, even if there’s a few hundred options. I wanted to make my own characters, and now thanks to JoeCustoms.com, I can.
Take a peek at Amberjack, a Coast Guard rescue diver. He’ll never have his own toy, but he’ll always be part of my roster.

So why a Coastie? Well, I’ve always thought the Coast Guard was pretty cool (Heck, I even enjoyed “The Guardian”), and the service is rather under-represented in the Joeverse.




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