That’s Not a Cat

Skunk or cat?Early in the morning, I went outsideĀ and down through the alley near my home. I was heading to my van for my regular pre-dawn trip to work. Sometimes I go through the backyard sidewalk, but today I went down the alleyway.

As I moved down the hill, I noticed our neighbors had their light on in their back yard. It was bright and lighted our yard too.

And there on our sidewalk was a cat bounding along.

But then I noticed it was bounding kind of strangely. More like waddling. And it was colored kind of funny too.

White on top. Black on bottom.

… Yep, it was a skunk, and it was zipping right in front of the van.
I hit the lock button on my keys, which activates a gentle honk, a few times to get it to skoot a little faster.

I stood in the alley a little longer and gingerly approached the van. As quick as I could, I dove inside, slammed the door and snapped on the lights.

No skunk.

I started the engine, backed up and zipped away myself.

I didn’t get sprayed. My vehicle didn’t stink, and the lucky little guy got away without being bothered.


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