Two men, two legends: Gone

In one day, we lost two greats.

On September 1, 2008, Don LaFontaine, a man whose voice you’ll never forget, died.
He was followed to the great beyond shortly thereafter by country music legend Jerry Reed.

CotB certainly admired them both.
LaFontaine was THE voice you have heard in thousands of movie trailers, commercials and promotional spots.
Reed was a good ole’ boy whose fiesty ballads were always tinged with humor.

DON LaFONTAINE: Now it’s more than likely you’re not exactly sure who LaFontaine is. It’s not even worth posting his picture, because you wouldn’t recognize him. Instead, you need to hear him.
For that, CotB directs you to the ever-helpful YouTube, for an entertaining look into his life.

In fact, his voice is so familiar, he’s even the subject of a comedy routine by Pablo Francisco, which you can watch here.

Even NBC’s Today show poked fun at him (and other voiceover artists) in this great segment that featured several of “the voices in your head.”
It prominently features LaFontaine and he was certainly is due that recognition.
His was a rare voice that could be humorous, serious or sarcastic at a moment’s notice, and it was always in just the right pitch and inflection to make you feel like you had to see the latest wanna-be blockbuster.

JERRY REED: Even before the amazingly funny “Smokey & The Bandit” movies, Jerry Reed was a constant in this blogg!er’s home.
In fact, I think my dear old dad only has owned two cassette tapes in his life-time: one of Cher’s (whom he still has a crush on) and one of Jerry Reed’s.

And if dad’s influence wasn’t enough, Reed even showed up as a guest star in a Scooby-Doo movie.
That made Reed a mega-star in my book.
ut my affection for Reed goes beyond Dad and Scooby’s influence.
You have to admire his delivery and way with lyrics.
In his infamous diatribe “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft),” Reed cleverly sings “They say we’re splitting it down the middle, but mama got the biggest half.”

And it’s hard to forget his whupass threats against a judge in “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!”
Hard to forget indeed.
Thanks for the good times, Jerry.


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