Church Sketches III — Knight sketches, heroes and oddities

Whoops, I see my last Church Sketches entry was listed as No. 4, when it should have been No. 3. Oh well, we’ll fix it by calling this one sketches III and let the historians sort it out.
Anyway, here’s my latest batch of sketches I did while listening to sermons and what not …

Ogre sketch

From the top, we have a fire-using heroine, a smirking hipster, a Timm-style half-orc and a hero I’ve dubbed the Fist of the Twilight Crane. In particular, I like the idea of Twighlight Crane’s uniform. Rather than a logo, it would feature a screen printed, but iconic scene of a crane framed by the setting sun.

Mushroom soldier
First off, you’ll have to excuse the lousy scans here. I retouched as best I could, hence the weird use of whites.

Beginning at the top, we have a myconid warrior, then there’s the speedster I’m calling The Comet, that’s followed by the weirdly smiling wrinkly guy and the leader of the stunt-riding squad known as Team 76.

knight sketch

Here I continue my efforts to brain-storm a few superheroines. At the top is Deadly Fox, a woman dubbed Super Yellow by the little one, another hero woman and finally the knight character I call Falcon.

Boy, I love drawing Falcon. I gotta get back to that particular project!

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!


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