Hey, I’ve been busy!

So darn busy that I can’t even blog.
How sad.
Yep, things have been hectic at Casa CotB, but what’s making me busy is making me happy.
On my burner lately …

  • Plenty of posts to my Blog at work, “Pop Quiz, Hotshot!” There I’ve tackled such weighty topics as The Ting Tings, Cuttlefish and big fat phonebook comics.
  • More work for Diamond Comics’ PREVIEWS magazine. Look for my next article in September.
  • A brand new computer so my wife can “attend” Master’s Degree courses at Millersville University.
  • A deal is in the works for bringing more of my role-playing game material to the great wide world of PDF sales. It’s been a project I’ve had under wraps for five years and after many fitful starts and stops, it might actually happen this time. Here’s a little-bitty hint for you: RPGObjects.
  • I’m nearing completion of our arts & collection room in our house. This room, which was once a dusty, oppressively hot attic is being transformed into a place to safely house my comic collection, work on art projects, read and play. I’m excited because not only will it be a great place to hang out, it also increases my home’s value!

And while I haven’t been blogging per se, I have added something new to the site: Twitter. Yep, even I’m trying to get with it as I answer this burning question: What comics have I read today?

My favorite of recent reads is a great one by Roger Stern, one of my favorite comic writers. In Doctor Strange No. 62, the good sorcerer battles Dracula in a rare 1980s comic that had ramifications for years to come! Way to go Roger!


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