Hose Nose, Snout Spout or Hindu god?

Ah, poor Snout Spout. Even when he was brand new, he was a has-been. In the He-Man minicomic “Eye of the Storm,” this Masters of the Universe character is wallowing in self-pity. “I sure don’t feel very important,” he whimpers to Teela.
But alas, there’s villainy afoot. Skeletor and Webstor are busy digging up a cosmic whatzit to rain on He-Man’s parade, and just as all seems lost for He-Man and his crew, Snout Spout saves the day. Who would have guessed?
The story behind Snout Spout is actually more interesting than the minicomic that came packaged with the cyborg-elephant-human mixture. According to Wikipedia, Snout Spout came too late in the toy line to even be included in the “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” cartoon series, so he was used in the She-Ra cartoon. That ended up playing havoc with his backstory. He might be a simple peasant who was captured by Hordak and experimented on. Or he might be a “Man in the Iron Mask” type of guy with a secret identity. Then again, She-Ra called him Hose Nose in her cartoon, so maybe there’s two of the them.
So just what is Snout Spout supposed to be? Well, aside from being very silly looking, he’s a “Heroic Firefighter,” which is all well and good, except most firefighters don’t wear helmets that look like elephant heads — complete with the big Dumbo-style ears. His appearance has even been likened to the Hindu god Ganesh, though I don’t think he ever was very concerned about forest fires and fill-the-boot fundraisers. Like all the He-Man action figures, the character had a special action and his was blowing water out his trunk, which made him the heroic warrior equivalent of Kobra Kahn, who could also spray water. Sadly, the two never met for a world-class spit-off.
If it ever did happen, bet on Snout Spout — he has has better reach.

Here’s how he-man.org described the “Eye of the Storm” …
Skeletor creates a “storm-bringer” device and starts a bad storm, while the heroes of Eternia play a game of Glo-Disk. Anyway, Snout-Spout stops it and gets his 15 minutes of fame.
1986, Series 5.
Packaged with Snout Spout.


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