Miss Martian — She’s got it!

I think DC Comics is on to something here.
Shortly after “Infinite Crisis,” it’s mega-crossover of 2005-2006, DC Comics initiated its “One Year Later” event. In that series, most titles were skipped ahead by one year, with few of the changes explained right away.
In the Teen Titans comic, a new set of characters were on the team, one of whom was the lovely Miss Martian.
Now comic book fans are sure to recognize her motif. She’s a send-up of Martian Manhunter, a Justice League mainstay since the team’s inception.
Just like Martian Manhunter, she’s got green skin, a red X across her chest, blue pirate boots and black eyes.
She also shares similar powers, including flight, super-strength, invisibility, shape-shifting and intangibility. 
But what Martian Manhunter does lack is something that Miss Martian has in spades: Sex appeal.
Yep, whoever designed her really knew what they were doing. They took She-Hulk, Fairchild and Sailor Moon, threw them in a blender and out popped Miss Martian. She took She-Hulk’s super-strength and emerald skin tone, swiped Fairchild’s naivete and orange hair, and then jumped into Sailor Moon’s dress. Those three characters — two popular comic-book pinup girls and one anime babe — are powerful enough on their brands on their own, and now DC’s got them all mixed together.
I only really stumbled on to Miss Martian last month. I was curious as to what was going on in the latest issues of Teen Titans, so I picked up Teen Titans No. 58, a solo adventure for Miss Martian. Inside, we find a compelling tale of Miss Martian as she’s tormented by her own alternate personality. Her evil self is urging her to let loose and become what she’s really meant to be — a blood thirsty warrior.
But Miss Martian, who’s desperately trying to fit in with Earth’s teenages under the guise of Megan Morse, pushes her warrior aspect down. She just wants to be nice. She just wants to help, even when it means ruining everything she’s worked toward.
In all, it was a fantastic issue, and it turns out that Miss Martian isn’t just another hot superbabe. She’s also got a story that’s only just now starting to unfold, and I can’t wait to read more.

(Inset image by DoctorPretorius over at DeviantArt. Check out his other works!)


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