Have I mentioned that I LOVE comic books?

So in the last few weeks, I’ve been able to buy a ton of comics. Yes, I really do think it’s a real 2,000-pound dead wieght of comics. Here’s the rundown as best as I can remember.

  • Detective Comics 586 (Ratcatcher appearance)
  • Runaways Vol. 3 Trade (An amazingly appealing series)
  • ROM 56, 59, 60, 66, 68, 70  (I probably have collected about 60% of the entire ROM series through the back-issue bargain bin.)
  • Justice League Unlimited 45 (continues the “Justice League” cartoon)
  • Justice League: The New Frontier Special (I gotta rent that movie soon!)
  • Dracula: The Graphic Novel (Cover price: 10.99, purchase price 1.99 — I’m always interested in the classics!)
  • Birds of Prey 107 (Cat-Man appearance)
  • Sheena: The Trail of Mapinguari (Devil’s Due has done a great job on this series)
  • Action Comics 835, 842-843 (Livewire comes to the DCU from the DC Animated Universe)
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures Vol. 2 Trade (Hey, I liked the movie and the cartoon series)
  • Adventure Comics 468, 471 (Starring Plastic Man and Starman)
  • Superman 63 (guest starring Aquaman)
  • Aquaman 1 (1989 version, it intrigues me because as far as I know, it’s a retelling of his story that didn’t become official.)
  • Aquaman Archives Vol. 1 Trade (I’ve been thinking about Aquaman a lot lately)
  • Essential Marvel Horror Vol. 1 (Oodles of odd Marvel comic stories)
  • The Flash 286 (First appearance of the Rainbow Raider)

  • El Diablo 13, 15 (Art by Mike Parobeck, and might I say El Diablo has a totally cool crime-fighting uniform!)
  • Superman 109 (Got it cheap)
  • St. George: A Shadowline Saga 1-2 (Always wanted to read those)
  • Superman 337 (Featuring a Terra-Man appearance)
  • Superman 370 (where he battles Chemo, the walking chemical vat!)
  • Hero Squared 4 (Missed the issue when it first came out. Damn funny stuff)
  • Heroes for Hired Vol. 1 Trade (The line up intrigues me).
  • The Book of Genesis (A comic version of the Bible)
  • The Book of Mark (More of the same)
  • Nova 5-8 (Part of the Annihilation series)
  • Annihilation Saga (More of that event)
  • Heralds of Galactus 1 (More of Annihilation)
  • Starlord 1-3 (Still more Annihilation)
  • Quasar 1-4 (The new version, and yes, more Annihilation)
  • Superman 2 (Byrne, Love that “digitized cover)
  • Superman 14 (Byrne, with Green Lantern)
  • Superman Adventures 4
  • Adventures of Superman 426
  • Action Comics 481-483 (Parts 1-3 of the Supermobile Debut)
  • The Mighty Thor 47/549 (With a cool Gray Gargoyle cover)
  • Nth Man 12 (I really liked this series as a kid, but never finished collecting it)
  • Ms Mystic 17 (Deathwatch 2000 x-over)
  • Cyberrad 3
  • Fantastic Four 245 (long missing from my collection!)
  • Captain America 238 (Cover blurb: Beware the Hawk Riders!)
  • Captain America 318 (Blue Streak appearance! He’s a roller-skating supervillian. How can you not want that?)

  • Starlord 1 (Marvel 1996, not the recent one)
  • Anarky 2-6
  • Gravity 1 (Loved him in Beyond!)
  • Doom Patrol 1-2, 6, 10, 12 (1987 version, pre-Vertigo)
  • Blue Devil 16
  • Peter Parker, TSS-M 47 (Prowler appearance)
  • Amazing Spider-Man 207 (Mesmero)
  • Marvel Two-in-One 64 (Stingray and Aquarian)
  • Starriors 1-3 (A toy-line comic, I already have No. 4)
  • Secret Origins 37 (Doctor Light, Legion of Substitute Heroes!)
  • Justice League Europe 1 (For my daughter — It’s got Wonder Woman)
  • DC vs. Marvel (One issue, not sure which. Again, for my daughter.)

Now, like I said, this list is, sadly,  non-inclusive. I know I’ve gotten a few more that have already been read and filed away. 

And the cost? Well, this was spread over about one and a half-months, and many of them cost me less than 50 cents apiece. Most of the rest were purchased at half-price or less, so really we’re talking about maybe $150 in total.

But most of all, I think this really proves that I love comics. Anything in comic book form appeals to me.

In fact, just yesterday, I was at Borders Books & Music when I spotted the Disney Comics: The Classic Collection for $5.99. The hefty hardcover collects a bunch of 1940s-era comics based on Disney movies, such as Bambi, Dumbo and Snow White.
… And, at that price, I had to have it. 


Because I love comics. I just do.


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