On time with RoboCop

Once again, I dive into my funky collection of RoboCop artifacts.

Robocop is a favorite of mine, and I’ve always found it curious that the films are so adult oriented, yet the character was marketed as the next Superman to kids.

Here we have a grainy picture of my “RoboCop Watch” from 1989. Like so many kids-themed watches those days, this one features a lid that carries a likeness of a cool character. Yep, you could have RoboCop — the RoboCop — on your wrist. In a moment’s notice, the steely centurion could give you an accurate accounting of the time in a fancy black-and-white LED readout.

Like most kids’ watches, this $7.99 trinket is also a hunk of junk. It sports a vinyl band that’s sure to feel all gross and sweaty in the sun and crack after just a little bit of wear. Likewise, the lid is hinged in such a way that it is sure to accidentally pop open, catch the side of your Big Wheel and snap off as you do donuts in your driveway.

That all being said, the design is fairly unique for RoboCop items. It features a highly off-model sculpt and package design of Officer Murphy in his Robo-duds. For example, his visor has a red lens instead of the traditional black one. Of course, the Kenner Action Figure sported a red lens, so maybe the manufacturer, Fada Industries, was trying to match that. It also sports the Kenner color scheme of black, red and white.

A price tag on the back says that Montgomery Ward was charging $7.99 for this contraption. (And for you Montgomery Ward nuts, the price tag also says it was from Department 45 and Stock 9067010.) 

Of all my RoboCop items, this one is certainly an odd piece as it’s way over-priced, off model and sure to break days after it gets opened.

For all you package nuts, here’s all the type listed on the product:

  • RoboCop Watch
  • With Digital Power Time
  • Flip the Cover to Read the time.
  • RoboCop: Part Man — Part Machine
  • Distributed by Fada Industries, Inc.
  • RoboCop OCP-001 (on the watch itself)
  • Made in China.
  • (Complete Instructions)
  • (Limited Warranty)
  • Copyright 1989 Orion Pictures Corporation.


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