Red Riding Hood rides again in Classics Illustrated Junior

Hidden among the uber-hip kids comics such as Amelia Rules! and the merchandise-pimping titles like Scooby-Doo, is a series of kids comics that has been reborn: Classics Illustrated.
Now Classics Illustrated is indeed a classic comic. These books were pumped out by the truckload when Beaver Cleaver was still airing new episodes, but just recently, a company named Jack Lake Productions has acquired the rights to reprint the old stories.
Each issue of Classics tells one famous story — with a few extra tidbits. From Moby Dick to the Three Musketeers, you can find them all.
I’m a lover of fairy tales, so I picked up Little Red Riding Hood. The story doesn’t have the clever twists you see in Vertigo’s Fables series, and it’s not even made fun of the way The Bullwinkle Show used to.
Nope, this is a straight-as-an-arrow retelling of Red’s trip through the woods.
The story is presented with a simple layout, easy to understand words and clean, crisp art.
Even better, it’s printed on remarkably thick paper stock. This thing will take a real beating. It will survive a year in a playroom … or a long ride to grandma’s house.
In other words, it’s just perfect gift for kids — especially ones that you don’t want to grow up too soon — and that’s your Sound Advice for Today.

Classics Illustrated Junior No. 510
“Little Red Riding Hood”
Jack Lake Productions Inc.
Art by Dik Browne and William A. Walsh.

EXTRA: Here’s a great article on classic tales in comics.


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