The Age of TV Heroes is dawning

Though the “Age of TV Heroes” heroes was announced a while ago — and it won’t come out until November 2008 — it’s a project still worth noting at this stage.
Assembled by TwoMorrows Publishing, the Age of TV Heroes Web site lists a calvacade of interviews that’s sure to make this book worth hunting down.
Just recently, I snagged the first season of “Wonder Woman” DVD set and the “Swamp Thing” DVD collection, and each has sparked a number of questions from me, which “Age” just might answer. (Such as “Why did the Swamp Thing producers hang their show on that annoying kid and his mother?” Boy, was that some awful television. “Did Lynda Carter really need to wear panty hose?” and “Just how much bigger was the stuntperson than Carter? He or she is a veritable gorilla compared to the star!”)
As well as the big DC Comics TV shows, “Age” tackles a number of other interesting topics — well interesting to comic-book folks — including “The Greatest American Hero,” “The Tick,” “Captain America” and “Spider-Man.”
Needless to say, “Age of TV Heroes,” sporting the great Alex Ross cover shown above, is sure to be on many Christmas lists this year.


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