Church Sketches IV — Jesus and the Easter Bunny


I did these sketches around Easter time, and didn’t want to hold them until next Easter, so here you go. Two views of Easter — Jesus and the Easter Bunny  (albeit a rather beefy Easter Bunny).
Jesus, as you can tell, is happy and joyous about his renewed life. Easter Bunny, well, I guess he’s just eyeballing a Leprechaun that’s getting out of line or something.
Now some people might say it’s sacrilegious to draw a cartoon of Jesus. I don’t know, maybe they think I’m making light of the almighty. Nope, not really, it’s just my style of art. I dig the Big J in my own way, y’know.
The funny thing is, I had both of these completed by Easter Sunday, but I just didn’t want to post them. Even with my thoughts on a “my-style” Jesus, I didn’t want to push it that hard. I’m a pansy sometimes.
Anyway, happy belated Easter.

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