In the mood with the Downward Spirals

When ever I get time, I like to sit down and draw. Sometimes I have my drawing pad available. Sometimes I don’t. In these images, I was using some scrap paper. I literally drew right on top of a page full of print, which I later eliminated in PhotoShop. In fact, if you look along the hockey stick and the tail, you can see some text I wasn’t able to erase
I guess my point here is that you shouldn’t ever let anything get in the way of creation. If you haven’t got paper, use scraps. If you haven’t got a pencil, use a pen. If you haven’t got either, use a stick and scratch at the ground. Just keep creating.
This  image at right is another of my Downward Spirals characters. When I showed him to a few people, they said “Wow! A hockey-playing rat.” Really, it was supposed to be an opossum, but that’s OK. It made me think of a neat sub-plot: One player in the Downward Spirals is a rat, and he’s hiding it from the VHL (Valley Hockey League), where only members of the same animal species can play on the same team. He and his coach do everything they can to keep his secret and hilarity ensues.
Along that line, I figured I’d need to start building opponents for the Spirals, so here’s a member of the Coniferous Coldbloods, the team of filled by turtles.
I wasn’t as thrilled with his look, so let’s call this one a work in progress.


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