Buck Rogers, meet Sneaky Pete

A few years ago, when the whole d20 craze was in full swing, I got involved in a play-by-post game of Buck Rogers XXVc. The game was modified from its original 1990s incarnation to fit into d20 stylings.
The set up for the original game was framed in the experiences of 20th Century astronaut Anthony “Buck” Rogers who was lost in space and time for centuries. When he returned to Earth, he found a multi-planet empire run by an evil corporation. Whole worlds had been transformed in the last few centuries. Likewise, humanity had been sent spinning off in different genetic directions. With science’s help, there were now humans that could survive in space, another offshoot was designed especially for life on the moon and others built just to be slaves. And there were even more beyond those examplesand they all helped to form an exciting gaming universe.
In the game, players would create heroes who’ve been inspired by Buck’s arrival to fight the good fight against the evil corporation, space pirates and anyone else that got in the way of freeing Earth from tyranny.
Through it’s controversial history, the Buck Rogers RPG line had a dozen or more supplements, a few board games and even two computer games. Still, the game line was largely perceived as a form of nepotistic endeavour by the then owners of TSR, the game company best known for Dungeons & Dragons. As a result, the game is generally despised by many “in the know” gamers.
Me? I love it. It’s a great mix of pulp-style themes, modern genetics and unique environments.
The PlayByWeb game actually lasted for quite a while — at least in play-by-post terms — before it petered out. By the end it was just myself and the game master playing and ultimately, even he just stopped posting.
The GM of the game had actually done the d20 conversion of the game (I still have it if anyone’s interested), and for a while, I suggested to him that we whip it into shape for use on a wider scale. Unfortunately, that never happened.
Anyway, here’s my character from the game. His name is “Sneaky Pete,” and he was a Rogue with a silver tongue. Rather than rely on his laser pistol, he did his best to talk his way out of his troubles. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned him as a Val Kilmer look-a-like, except just a bit more weasely. Maybe Seth Green would be another good comparison.

Sneaky Pete

Real Name: Pieter Anantrez

Race: Terran
Career: Rogue
Gender: Male
Level: 3
   10 (0)  (3 points)
Dex:  11(0)  (4 points)
Con:  11 (0)  (2 points) (+2 Terran)
Int:     18 (+4) (13 points) (+1 Terran)
Wis:  12 (+1)  (4 points)
Cha:  16 (+2)  (6 points)
Tec:   7  (-2)  (0 points) (-1 Terran)
BAB: +0
Ranged: +0 (+0 Dex) (Pete often uses his Expertise to add to his AC. This subtracts an equal amount off his attack.)
Melee: +0 (Pete avoids physical combat whenever possible.)
AC: 14 (+2 Dex, +2 Space suit) (Pete often uses his Expertise to add to his AC. This subtracts an equal amount off his attack.)
HP: 12
HD: 3d6
Init: +0 (Dex)
Cash: 550 credits

  • Expertise (Take minus on attack up to -5 and add that amount on to AC)
  • Skill Focus  — Fast Talk/Convince (+2 skill points on Fast Talk/Convince)

Sneak Attack: +2d6
Skills: (total skill points 38)

  • Bypass Security +5 (+2 bonus, -2 tech, +5 ranks)
  • Communications Operation +0 (-2 tech, +2 ranks )(Cost 4)
  • Climb +3 (+2 bonus, +0 Dex, +1 rank)
  • Disguise +5 (+4 Int, +1 ranks) (cost 2)
  • Etiquette +3 (+2 Cha, +1 ranks) (cost 2)
  • Fast Talk/Convince +11 (+2 bonus, +2 Cha, +5 ranks, +2 feat)
  • Hide +7 (+2 bonus, +0 Dex, +5 ranks)
  • Move Silently +5 (+2 bonus, +0 Dex, +3 ranks)
  • Knowledge (History) +6 (+4 Int, +2 ranks) (cost 4)
  • Notice +8 (+2 bonus, +1 Wis, +5 ranks)
  • Open Lock +0 (+2 bonus, -2 Tec)
  • Pick Pocket +2 (+2 bonus, +0 Dex)
  • Programming +5 (+4 Int, +1 ranks) (cost 2)
  • Use Rocket Belt +3 (+2 Dex, +1 ranks) (cost 2)

Laser Pistol
Capacitor clips (4)
Space Suit
Physical Appearance: Pete has dark hair and is fairly short. He’s not too muscular nor is he wiry. Instead, he’s a bit on the “pretty boy” side though.
Personal History
(Age 23, Pittsburgh area)
 Pieter Anantrez was born of Terran blood, but his family, a band of gypsy-like wanderers have traveled off Earth extensively.
This constant travel has always kept Pieter on his toes, and during that time, he’s learned about much of the universe and how to deal with a wide variety of people and gennies.
When Anantrez grew of age, he split off from the family, hoping to build up a fortune enough to start his own divison of the clan like his six older brothers have.


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