Church sketches II

Once again, I offer you my doodles. Most of these were done while I was in church. I love our church because instead of pews they have lecture-hall style tables. That means I get to spread out and relax.
Most of my doodles are done with a ball point pen. As you can probably tell, I haven’t had any formal art training outside of high school — as such my absolute favorite “art instrument” is a clicking ball-point pen. In fact, all through high school, I always made sure to have a pen from where my father worked. They were great pens. For years, I hadn’t seen one and then when I was at home, I saw dad had some in his pen jar. From there, I insisted that he bring me a whole bagful. I’ve been happy with my doodles ever since!
So just what are the doodles here? Let’s take a look …



    • Hypno-Croc — The hypnotic crocodile man!


    • A Horse — No explanation needed.


    • Waterdragon — A turtle-like superhero.


    • Jack of Clubs — A superhero with a mace. I need to change his chest insignia. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch.


  • Cam Clutch — A high-speed, car-throttling man of action.



  • Superhero — I drew him just this weekend, and I haven’t given him a name yet. And just for fun, I added the hand blasts and Kirby dots.



    • The Duck with The Black Hand — He’s a duck with an evil black hand! He’s a menace, I say!


    • Crown Julie — A superhero that would make more sense if he was a she.


    • Gnome digger — He’s a short fellow that’s really good with a shovel.


    • Rock Snake — A snake-themed villain with the power to turn into rock and gravel.


  • The Satyrant — A tech villain.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!




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