I have not grown up

Another thing from my parents’ cache of documents they saved for me was my grade-school report cards. In all, I was average to slightly above average in grade school and went downhill from there on out.
I found my 5th-grade report card particularly interesting, but not because of my grades, but the envelope from they came in. In my school, we kept the same envelope all year long for the report card. Come to think of it, we kept the same report card all year long too.  The teacher simply kept adding to it all year long.
As such, we were allowed to decorate our Report Card envelope, and on it, I listed a “few of my favorite things.” I showed this to my wife, and she looked at it and said “You haven’t changed. You still like all the stuff you did when you were in fifth grade!”
She’s right.
On the card, I jotted down “All of these things are #1,” and amazingly I still like them all:

  • The Uncanny X-Men: While I don’t collect X-Men comics much anymore, I still follow them in other media, such as the films and cartoon shows.
  • Weird Al: Yes, I have many a Yankovic song on my MP3 player. Back in the day, I remember being excited by getting a cassette player and walking around my yard with “In 3-D” playing.
  • Men at Work: Yep, I have them on my MP3 player too.
  • The New Defenders: See previous post.
  • The Awesome Nightcrawler: Kurt Wagner is my favorite X-Man and one of my favorite superheroes.
  • Ferrets: I’ve never owned a ferret, but I still like them. I thank “The Beastmaster” for that.
  • The Mighty Avengers: I’ve been enjoying Avengers: The Initiative and the newest version of The Mighty Avengers since their debut.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Yep, I still like him.
  • Hamsters: I’ve had a hamster as recently as 2003.
  • The New Teen Titans: Look a few posts down. I’m still intrigued by teen heroes.
  • 88: Back then, I somehow got the notion that I should have a “favorite number,” so I picked 88. I still like it thanks to its connection to the infinity symbol. And no, my PIN numbers do not have 88s in them.
  • The Police: Without a doubt, my favorite rock band ever. I wish I had the spare cash to have seen them in concert. I just love their style.

Yep that’s me then. That’s me now. I haven’t grown up a bit. I would suggest you do the same (not grow up), and that’s your Sound Advice for Today.


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