The trouble with prime numbers

Kids books can be great fun, especially when they teach too. That’s the case of Bean Thirteen by Matthew McElligott, a book that cleverly teaches just how hard it is to carve up a prime number.
In the short little story (which includes speech balloons, so I don’t feel so bad about mentioning it on my comic-themed blog) two bugs go bean-picking and accidentally wind up with an extra bean — the dreaded Bean Thirteen!
From there they try to figure out the best way to evenly distribute the foul thing, but no matter what they do, it just doesn’t work out.
It’s picture books like these that are making me a big fan of children’s literature. So many styles, themes and lessons, but most importanly they’re entertaining, even for the adults stuck reading them.
I dare say that lately, I’m enjoying the library more than my little one — all thanks to books like this.
So next time you’re at your local library, sneak over to the kids section because you are bound to find something neat — and that’s your Sound Advice for Today.


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