Merits of Microman

We have a store around here called “Five Below,” and it’s best described as a “trendy Family Dollar.” Inside, everything is five bucks or less and certifiably cool in one way or another.
One recent find was a Microman action figure.
Now I had always heard about Microman — awesome action figures from Japan with fantastic poseability.
Let me tell you this: The rumors are true.
With 30 points of articulation, I can bend and twist this guy into any conceivable action pose you can think of … and then some!
Now 30 articulation points isn’t anything special nowadays. Most Spider-Man figures have that, but what makes this Microman figure so amazing is this:

  • He’s really small.
  • His outfit is designed to not look off-model when he’s in a weird pose.
  • His body sculpt is more robotic than human.
  • He comes with six sets of interchangeable hands — each in a different pose.
  • Did I mention he’s really small?

In particular, his robot-style body sculpt is of note because it allows the figure to hyper-extend into more human-like positions. This is possible because the figure doesn’t have “human fill” — parts that help him look more human, such as pectoral muscles or a realistic crotch — that get in the way.
I’ve had it a few days now, and I can’t believe how neat it is. Everytime I pass by, I tweak his pose a little, and every time I marvel at just how nice of a toy it is.
So if you’re looking for a neat toy, I can’t recommend Microman enough, and that’s your Sound Advice for Today.


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