Servants of the mercane

One of the things that I was doing during my free time through the holidays was assembling a Dungeons & Dragons campaign wiki space.
Basically, I created a general plot line for a set of D&D adventures, threw in my house rules and selected my core races.
What I came up with was “The Mercane Campaign,” a fairly unique set up that pushed players to pick “weird” races and classes without worrying about being weird. Likewise, I wanted to give the players a chance to play any class they’ve ever considered. In this campaign, you didn’t need to worry about having a healer, a front-line warrior or a trap-springer. Instead, it would be tailored to the whim of the players, high-fun role-playing and dimension hopping explorations.
You can check out the site at
So what happened? Did the players like it?
Well, sadly, my idea got trumped by another DM’s suggestion that we go for “Old School” D&D where it’s essentially the RPG version of a smash-and-grab robbery in every room with no character development and a two-sentence backstory for each adventure.

So, in short, it’s kind of like Monopoly with funny dice. ~Whoopee.~


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