Who’s watching me?

Having a web site means that you’re always subject to bursts of interests in something you’ve posted long ago. Yesterday, I had one of those flurries. Yep, for my little web site got a whopping 452 hits. That’s more than I get in a whole week sometimes.
So what was so interesting?
Four entries, two of which tend to get a lot of hits, and then another two that just seemed to be random.
First up was my review of the Sheena 99-cent special.Nothing special there, as far as I know. Still, for some reason, that tends to get a lot of hits. I’m still reading the “Sheena” comic, by the way. I like it!
Next up was a description of all the jobs I’ve held over the years. I guess it’s kind of interesting, but to 90-plus people on a Saturday? Weird.
The third entry was my heart-felt cover letter to a Marvel Comics job I applied for. This makes me proud to see some one was checking it out. I’ll tell you what, I still want that job. I hope that’s apparent to any one who reads it.
Lastly was my often read letter to Dungeon magazine. This oft-misunderstood letter explained my concern for the cover to issue No. 140. In the letter, I explain that the publishers ought to think twice about selling magazines and products that appear to glamorize devils and demons. I felt that issue particularly of concern because the image looked too much like the classic image of Satan. I just thought they were asking for trouble.
So with that diverse group of entries, I have to wonder, “Who’s watching me?”


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