Faction Folio 2: The Blackcloak Watch

I’m proud to announce that my latest gaming publication, “Faction Folio 2: The Blackcloak Watch” is available at RPGnow and Lulu.
I’m the editor of the 40-page book and also contributed “Corrosion of Society,” a third-level Dungeons & Dragons adventure for the publication. If you’ve got a little bit of extra cash this paycheck, I hope you’ll consider ordering it.
So what is the Blackcloak Watch? They’re a highly focused version of the town sheriff. This group specializes in dealing with powerful foes that use magic and monsters to cause trouble for a high-fantasy city.
So what is “Corrosion of Society” about? In this adventure, the Blackcloak Watch recruits the heroes to raid a mansion for them. The problem is that the mansion has been transformed into a toxic waste dump by the previous owner and all of his poisonous and acid-spitting pets have decided to use the home as their base of operations.
Inside Faction Folio 2, you’ll find new feats, prestige classes, weapons, equipment and spells for your d20 game. You’ll also find a whole lot of information about the squad and how it operates.


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