Collecting RoboCop

There are a a very few things I know a lot about. A comic-book character here and there. An action figure line. A few role-playing games, but probably one topic I’m well schooled on is the character, the merchandise and the lore of RoboCop.
Yeah, I know it’s strange, but for some reason, I latched on to RoboCop and just started buying all sorts of RoboCop merchandise.
Now, 15 years later, I’m sitting on top of a hill of RoboCop stuff. Toys, comics, video games, magazines, trinkets and even more toys.
In all that time, I’ve followed the character’s development and his many uses.
So what fascinates me with RoboCop? Well, initially, it was the simple design of the character. The big, bulky armor. The helmet with an eye slit.
From there, I designed my own cartoon version of him: A lunk-headed cyborg warter fowl called RoboDuck.
But then, I watched the movie again and again and I was amazed by the nilistic depth that director Paul Verhoeven poured into his film. Then, I was amazed to see that violent, fascist lawman transform into a family friendly kids toy and then into a mundane action TV character. More changes came and went, and all the way, I was buying stuff.
Sure, I missed stuff. But I have a lot. Over the next months or so, I’ll try to show you piece by piece all the variations of RoboCop I’ve found.
So, in the words of RoboCop: “Don’t move, Creep! Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”


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