When the Tin Man goes bad

“The Battle of Roboto,” like any other He-Man minicomic, was used to introduce new things and new characters to the toyline.

This particular entry into Masters of the Universe lore features four new “play elements” for addle-minded kids to latch on: Roboto, Two Bad, the Bashasaurus and the Land Shark.

With the usual, point-blank precision of the minicomics, the writer allows each to get their day in the sun.

But in truth, the comic tells the story of Roboto, a simple robot who’s given a heart by his maker, Man-At-Arms.

This, of course, is rendered by a big heart on the chest of the robot, which makes him look especially girly. Luckily, the action figure didn’t have the heart symbol, or he would have been a peg warmer for sure. Instead, he got a neat gear contraption visible through his clear-plastic chest.

“The Battle of Roboto” is the tale of The Tin Woodsman gone bad. You see, with the heart, Roboto’s a helpful super-bot. He picks up overturned carts, he talks in a nice, friendly manner and he happily patrols the outer reaches of Eternia known as “The Nightside.”

But then Skeletor hatches a plan and swipes Roboto’s heart and turns him into the Masters of the Universe version of the Terminator.

When robots go bad, they really go bad. Luckily, He-Man shows up does his thing and ends the heavy-handed brutality of the eeeevil Roboto — because everyone hates getting beaten up by a heart-adorned robot.

Here’s what He-man.org has to say about this mini:

Man-At-Arm’s latest creation, Roboto, has been given a questionable near-invincibility to rival even He-Man’s. But along with this power, he receives a robotic heart that allows him to have the emotions and qualities of a hero. Skeletor hears of this by a spy (a bat-gnome) and creates a diversion for Roboto, having Two Bad hold his arms while he grabs the heart from his chest. Roboto then obeys Skeletor and begins attacking the heroes, nearly killing Teela by slicing at her repeatedly with his axe. Finally, He-Man grabs Roboto’s arms while Man-At-Arms inserts the heart again, whereupon Skeletor disappears in a familiar mist. At the end, the Sorceress casts a magic spell on Roboto making it impossible for another evil being to take his heart ever again.
 00075140 1985,
 Series 4.
 Packaged with Roboto and Two Bad.


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