King Hiss’s motto: There’s a snake in my pants!

When it comes to heroes with weird villains, you’ve got Dick Tracy, Doom Patrol and then He-Man.

He-man’s rogue’s gallery is just packed with the strange, the bizarre and the unexpected.

There’s the skunk-man, there’s the mosquito man and then there’s King Hiss.

According to “King of the Snake-Men,” King Hiss was once the evil overlord of Eternia and the rest of the Universe until he was vaulted into a timeless dimension by his enemies.

Centuries later, Skeletor unearths clues about a new power source and unleashes the reptillian monarch.

The two join forces to battle the current “Master of the Universe,” and set a trap for him.

As He-Man comes to the aid of the seemingly helpless King Hiss, Hiss shows us just how strange villains can be: His skin flies off to reveal that he’s made up of a knot of deadly vipers. So yes, King Hiss has a snake in his pants.  Lots of them, in fact.

And with a surprise package like that, he must be a hit with the girls. 

With the help of the Power Sword and his Flying Fists, He-Man frees himself from Skeletor and He-Man’s trap and sends the two packing.

As Hiss and Skeletor flee, they agree to help one another to defeat He-Man in the future. As they shake hands, they both vow to destroy the other when the triumph over He-Man. Yes, it’s is sad that there’s no honor among thieves.

That wasn’t the end of King Hiss though. When the He-Man toy line was revived in the 2000s, King Hiss (or King Hsss) was the primary villain of the second season of the Cartoon Network show.

Will we see him again? We’ll just have to wait until the next revival!

Here’s what had to say about “King of the Snake Men!”

Skeletor discovers a pool of energy deep in Snake Mountain. Next to it is an inscription in the ancient Snake tongue, which Kobra Khan says is of the ancient Snake Man language, which even his own people cannot read anymore. Skeletor reads it magically, and discovers that the pool holds the secret of King Hiss. Skeletor, intrigued, energizes the pool with the Havok Staff. Hiss emerges (as a human). He-Man, notified by the Sorceress of the prior events, flies to Snake Mt., but along the way discovers Hiss being attacked by Skeletor and Khan. He-Man defeats them suspiciously easily, only to find that Hiss is actually a Snake Man in disguise. Hiss hypnotizes He-Man with his eyes, and he awakens by the pool. Hiss recounts the story of the Snake Empire that reigned thousands of years prior, while Rattlor captures the Power Sword. Luckily, He-Man recaptures it, plugs the energy pool, and defeats Hiss.

00076200 1986, Series 5.

Packaged with King Hiss, Tung Lashor, and Rattlor.


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