Spycraft: Agent Iceberg

My gaming group just started a new role-playing game: Spycraft. This game takes the standard D&D rules and transfers them to the modern world for a game of espionage, gunfire and secret agents. While this isn’t exactly my favorite genre — I’ve never really understood the appeal of James Bond — I’m happy to play anything. In particular, I’ve built a character who’s modeled after an idea I’ve batted around for a decade or so.
Wanna know more about her? Well here you go:

Carmen Berg was born in rural Arizona, where she grew up in the desert badlands. With all that open space, it wasn’t long before Carmen went exploring. First, she went out on foot, but eventually, she was souping up old ATVs and motorcycles to drive deeper, harder and faster out into the desert.
When she was of actual driving age, she graduated to a regular truck, and with it she learned the mechanics of practically every land vehicle.
While she enjoyed the fun of tearing through the deserts of Arizona, she soon found that she could get a job where she could legally drive like a bat out of hell on regular  roads — As an
ambulance driver.
From there, it was only natural that her interests branched out into First Aid and other rescue work. She found it just as exhilirating as her crazy driving and even more rewarding.
But Arizona just wasn’t big enough for her. She soon found out about a Homeland Security program that brought Search & Rescue teams to crisis areas, and she readily signed up. There she got all the training she needed in exchange for her willingness to go anywhere at anytime.
Her first missions were simple enough: Hurricanes, earthquakes and forest fires, but soon Homeland Security officials offered her more sensitive assignments, including clandestine overseas missions and the ocassional sudden deployments into war zones.
That in turn has brought the attention of “The Agency,” an organization always on the look out for agents with diverse skills like hers.
Going by the codename Iceberg — for her cool demeanor — Berg is eager to prove herself on an international scale.

Real name: Carmen Berg
Department: Search & Rescue
Class: Wheelman 1
Agent Level: 1

Vitality: 14 + d
Wounds: 14
Defense: 15 (Class 1, Armor 1, Dex 3)
Damage Resistance: 4 (Armor)
Initiative: 14 (Class 1, Dex 3)

STR: 12/1
DEX: 16/3
CON: 14/2
INT: 12/1
WIS: 16/3
CHA: 12/1

Fort: 2 (Con)
Ref: 5 (Base 2, Dex 3)
Will: 3 (Wis)

Key character skills: First Aid +8, Driver +7, Mechanics +5, Open Lock +10 (+6 from crowbar), Spot +8, Survival +8 (+2 from hatchet) 
Encounter skills: Concentration +3, Listen +3, Search +1, Spot +8
Languages: English (native speaker), Spanish

Crowbar +2 Attk, 1d8+1, 19-20, 1-2
Hatchet +2 Attk, 1d8+1, 19-20, 1-2
StakeOut Vest 1 Def, 4 DR, CE2S, -1 ACP
Initial Personal Budget: 47 (1×5)+2+40
Gadget Points: 4 (Vehicle only)
Remaining Budget: 25 (enough for a kit)

Armor Prof (L&M)
F(class): Weapon Groups (Melee, Handgun, Rifle, Tactical)
F(dept): Bandage
F(1st): One Hand on the Wheel (p. 85, -2 to maneuver checks when taking a half-action)
Dept: +2 save vs. environmental dangers (+1 every 2 levels)
Dept: +1 Spot (+1 every four levels)
Dept: +1 First Aid (+1 every four levels)
Class: Lucky — 1 extra action dice for vehicle-related checks
Class: Custom Ride — 4 extra gadget points for vehicle
Class: Daredevil — Can perform “Daredevil”-rated vehicle maneuvers

Images of DC Comics character Renee Montoya!


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