Lessons on life from G’Nort and Dynomutt

I have a certain soft spot for lunk-headed heroes. From DynoMutt to characters such as the Green Lantern called G’Nort.

These are the characters who don’t see the real dangers in life. Instead, they see fun. Perilous situations are just another random adventure into which they’ve been pulled.

Rather than letting themselves worry about the little stuff, they see the big picture. And to them, the picture is a simple one: Life is fun.
It’s a simple outlook on life, and it’s one we ought to consider ourselves.
Now sure, these guys are just comic and cartoon characters: Dynomutt is a cybernetic dog from a 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon show and G’Nort is a joke hero from DC Comics.  Still that doesn’t mean that we should ignore what they have to say.
I’d rather have G’Nort’s life than Batman’s. I’d rather fight crime in Dynomutt’s loopy Big City than an all-too real Sin City.
We can’t always take life too seriously. If we did, what kind of life is that?
It’s a dismal one. That’s what it is. Sure, this world is full of crime, corruption, greed and vice, but do we all have to be sucked up into that.
Nope. We’ve got to just take a second every once in a while and see how cool this world is.
In fact, I can’t think of two better mascots for life than Dynomutt and G’Nort. Like the real-life dogs their modeled after, we need to just stick our heads out of the window and enjoy the world.
We need to keep playing.
We need to keep our tails wagging.
Why? Because the world is what we make it.
So sit, stay and enjoy.
… Good dog.


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