The D&D 4e wishlist grows

The more I read about fourth edition, the more I worry about how things will go with it. It’s not that I’m viciously against it or anything like that, it’s just that I’ve had a lot of fun playing 3e/3.5e. I’m not in desperate need of a new version of the rules. The system worked really well in my opinion. I loved how customizable and how complex it was. It really helped me flex my brain as I worked through all the options it offered.
Still, there were some holes, but it none that weren’t insurmountable.
Of course, I don’t blame Wizards of the Coast for pushing ahead with a new version. Every business needs to get an ocassional cash infusion that this will bring.
With that in mind, my laundry list of changes/sacred items continues. Once I stop pondering this whole changeover, I’ll combine it all and post it on the WotC Web site.
Mounted Combat — Yeah, when your getting hit by fireballs, it sucks to be riding a horse. The problem is that the image is too awesome to let it go. Figure out some way for mounted combat to work.
Chase rules — One of the biggest ommissions in 3.5e.
Customizable Spells — Instead of a fireball, make it an “energy burst” and let the caster pick his perferred elemental type. Then add things like “energy ray,” “energy weapon,” “energy wall,” “energy grapple” and so on. You’d eliminate a third of your spells that way.
Familliars — Boy do they suck. How about letting them be something besides decoration. You could have them be an option for replacing spell components, for example. Or, as with Animal Companions, have them scale with the user. Not neccesarily as a fighting beast, but as an assistant to spell casting.
Leveling: Every intelligent beastie (humanoids and a few other types) in the MM needs to have the ability to level up or advance in some way.
Advancement: Every non-intelligent beastie needs to have some way to advance and become more powerful at the DM’s descretion. This could be through the HD advancement in the current edition or something similar.
Languages — I’ve never been crazy about multiple languages. Sure it’s OK for highly exotic creatures, but they just seem pointless from a game standpoint. How about a standard common, sylvan, undercommon, draconic and a few planar languages and then pitch everything else. Of course, you could still have a bunch of ancient dead languages too.
Dinosaurs — I love dinosaurs and all, but do they really need to be core? I think I can wait for them in a nice prehistoric/primitive supplement.
Animals — Animals were handled perfectly as an appendix in the Monster Manual, but they could probably be handled in a massive graph that just gives their stats, followed by a quick, appendix-like description of abilities, if one is even needed. That way you could offer more of them right away.
Monster templates — Please include Lycanthropy, vampirism, dire, legendary, titantic, elemental, aligned planar (axiomatic, celestial, etc.) and giant (you know for Giant Eagles and stuff, but different from titanic). There’s probably more I should include.
Template application: If I want to make a vampiric spell-stiched unicorn, and I’ve got the story to back it up, I better be able to do it!
Saves — I love how they work in 3.5e. No changes needed IMHO.
Domains — Please keep. They make the cleric a fun character. However, Domains shouldn’t just be extra spells. Focus on the domain abilities too.
Story rewards — Offer a chart/rules that give real EXP for good role-playing. Make it part of the rules, not just suggestions.
Undead — As far as I’m concerned, most undead listings should actually be templates, not straight write-ups.


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