Faction Folio 1: The Labyrinth is here

Well, at long last, my latest publishing project is complete. It’s actually the first in a series of mini booklets for Dungeons & Dragons players. Published by EN Publishing, you can get it as a PDF or as a softcover print-on-demand.
My role in the publication started out as a secondary writer, and I
eventually got bumped up to line editor and secondary writer.
So what’s “Faction Folio 1: The Labyrinth” all about? Read on:

When a minor smuggler miscast a teleportation spell, he
found the key to grreater fortune in the Crawlspace, a small pocket
dimension full of maze-like tunnels that sprung from a central

As he explored this strange new dark and dusty reality, he
discovered that at the end of each tunnel was a plane-jumping portal
that opened up to a new secret location on his home world. Realizing
what he had found, the smuggler began recruiting members for a whole
new thieves’ guild – one protected from every law, one hidden from
every guardsman, one unconstrained by any border – because it was in a
different dimension. With that, The Labyrinth was born.

Will you stop it? Will you join it? It’s up to you: choose a side!

This fully detailed power group is bult from top to bottom, complete
with NPC stats, prestige classes, feats, new spells, maps and a

My advice: Buy lots! They make great Christmas gifts!


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