Spikor Strikes! … and so does Lee Nordling!

“Spikor Strikes” looks like a fairly typical He-Man and the Masters of the Universe minicomic. It introduces a new villain. The villain gets soundly trounced and everyone’s happy in the end.
But when you read it, there’s a few things you notice.
The most obvious is that Sy-Klone, one of the characters featured in it is at one point mistakenly called Tornado.  According to several sources, that’s what the action figure was called during its development.
The not-so-obvious thing is that it offers a tribute to Lee Nordling,
one of the chief writers and editor of the minicomics. On the first
page of story, Prince Adam explains that he’s been sent by Randor to deliver a scroll to the Village of Nordling.
Later on, he delivers the scroll to the mayor. The mayor is drawn with
such detail that you can only assume it’s a drawing of Nordling himself.

Here’s what He-Man.org has to say about the issue (which pretty much mirrors my thoughts):

On his way to Nordling for a diplomatic
meeting, Adam realizes he left an important scroll back at the palace.
The king realizes this as well, and sends Sy-Klone to deliver it. When
Adam gets to Nordling, he discovers Spikor destroying it. A vision of
Skeletor appears in the sky, notifying He-Man that Spikor was only a
diversion and that he has two choices: save the village, or save Teela
from a tube filling with water. Sy-Klone ends up saving Teela, and
Spikor ends up stuck to a tree.
Two things I noticed while reading this minicomic:

1) Sy-Klone is called “Tornado” on the top of page 10, which was his prototype name.

2) Notice anything special about the town where
Adam was headed? Well, probably not. But that’s why I’m here! Lee
Nordling was the editor of minicomics for the Mattel run (1984-87).


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