Many jobs over many years

I got thinking about all the jobs I’ve held over the years. From one-shot day work to lengthy assignments to free-lance projects, I’ve had a lot. Probably no more than anyone else, mind you, but here’s what I could remember:

  • Laborer (Three or four days of work digging ugly dead bushes out of a farm)
  • Farmhand (One week long while the farmer was on vacation)
  • Video Rental Clerk (For three or four years)
  • Cashier (At various times for various companies)
  • Stock Picker (Three or four weeks for a pet supply mail-order company)
  • Store Stocker (For a few months)
  • Store Disassembler (For about a month after place I worked for closed)
  • Copy Editor (Three years one place, one year another and from 1997 to now)
  • News Editor (Three years now)
  • Projectionist (For six months at a $2-Dollar theater)
  • Writer (Free-lance assignments and currently)
  • Dishwasher (For two years while at college)
  • Steak Cooker (For a semester — I don’t know how I got that job. My steaks were horrible!)
  • Cartoonist (Free-lance assignments)
  • Mural Maker (Three times now)

So, what sort of jobs have you done in your life?


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1 Comment on Many jobs over many years

  1. Some of these ran concurrently…Laundry worker – 3 daysGrocery bagger – 15 monthsBroadcaster – 22 yearsComic strip artist – 2 yearsPortrait artist – 3 years, off and onSign painter – around a dozen of theseColumnist – 3 months and countingRetail store assistant manager – 1 month and counting

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