Septimus: The future of D6?

West End Games is offering a new role-playing game for preorder.
The new game is called Septimus and it’s got the looks of a “Star Wars”-less
D6 Star Wars game. That’s a good thing mind you, because the D6 version
of “Star Wars” was the best one ever. Granted, a new d20 Star Wars game
just came out, but I haven’t seen that one yet.
Septimus is being offered for a hefty $50, but it has the looks of a
big time game.  The book is expected to clock in at around 320
pages and it’s also packed with a CD that offers the book on PDF.
Though it doesn’t say it in the initial press release
on the book, some of the chatter on the book says that it’s aim is
smooth out some of the rough edges of the D6 system. That’s a definite
plus, as I mentioned an earlier post on WEG’s generic books from a few years back.
For those with a little bit of knowledge on the role-playing game history, the book is written by Bill Coffin, who worked for Palladium for a while.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the game is going to blow gamers
out of the water or anything, but it will help breathe a little life
into the D6 System and West End Games.  With that spark, it might
introduce a whole-new generation of fans to this easy-to-use system
that’s more about “winging it” than number crunching.
I’m glad about that. It’s a fun, entertaining game-system that needs a big push, and it seems that Septimus is just the ticket.


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