No cash for comics

As the weeks wear on where I have no money for comics, I’ve found myself sifting through a lot of my old stuff.
One week, I read all my old issues of El Diablo.
Other times I find myself swallowed up by the excitement of a trade paperback I stored away for just such an occasion.
With that in mind, I have to say that I haven’t been bothered too much about missing out on the latest happenings in my favorite comic-book universes.
Sure, I’ve been borrowing a few issues from friends here and there, but over all I’ve found that reading comics is fun no matter if the material is new or not.
In the end, comics are about exciting stories, cool characters and the thrill of getting caught up in it all. That’s where the fun of comics comes from — not the fact that I gotta have the latest, newest storyline.
So if you’re ever in a bind about whether to buy comics or buy groceries. Buy the groceries.
Chances are you’ll be able to dive into your back issues and have just as much fun.


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