The dominance of detectives

Black Mask, a pulp that started in 1920, as an
action magazine, including westerns and masked heroes. It eventually
went pretty much all-Detective stories, all the time.
For most of its “detective” run, Race Williams was the star of the book.
Here’s what Ron Goulart had to say about Race …

The word “simple” appears often in the Carroll John Daly
(Race’s author) stories and serials. “In that second I let him have it.
Simple? Of course it was simple.” To Race there was no problem that
couldn’t be cleared up by simple, active means. In his adventures, as
an ad put it, you found “no long explanations, no discussion of
evidence.” Daly …. had invented a fictional type who fit in with the
temperament of the years between the wars.”

— The Dime Detectives

Boy, I wonder if Race is related to Remo Williams. They sure sound a lot alike!

Wikipedia’s site on Black Mask.


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